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Dr. Preston Smith
Dr. Preston Smith

Minimally Invasive Interventional Radiology in Austin

Summit Interventional Radiology is the first full-range, independent interventional radiology practice in Austin dedicated to providing excellent patient care and outcomes. By focusing only on minimally invasive management of a variety of conditions, Dr. Smith has developed the skillset and protocols to best serve the needs of his patients.

Vascular and interventional radiology is the original specialty of medicine responsible for developing fluoroscopy- (i.e., X-ray), CT-, ultrasound- or MRI-guided procedures in the 20th century. As Dr. Smith describes it, “Interventional radiology is the best kept secret in healthcare.”

Specialized expertise in advanced interventional radiology techniques

Over the years, other specialists have begun performing small portions of these procedures related to their practices, while the traditional in-hospital radiologists have been performing these procedures less and less. This has resulted in more physicians performing part-time interventional radiology, which we feel is ultimately not in the best interest for the patient. This was the motivation for Dr. Smith to start Summit Interventional Radiology in Austin.

We strive to practice interventional radiology the way we feel is best for the patient, as if you were our family. Dr. Smith is well-experienced in all of the advanced interventional radiology techniques, from lower extremity artery and vein treatments to spine interventions for back pain, targeted interventional cancer therapy, and advanced embolization for men and women’s health issues.

Using this minimally invasive procedure to manage long-term conditions

A large portion of our practice consists of long-term management of the conditions we specialize in treating at our clinic. We perform outpatient minimally invasive procedures and endovascular surgery in our procedure room, outfitted with a vascular X-ray machine and ultrasound. Patients recover in one of our six recovery bays. We also have the option to perform these procedures at a surgery center for patients that require general anesthesia. Dr. Smith also provides inpatient hospital coverage, as he is passionate about providing a full-scope interventional practice.

We would love to be a part of your healthcare team – no matter how big or small our role – and to show you how the many wonderful options for interventional radiology in Austin can help you. Contact us for more information.

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